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There were 37 slots on the wheel. “0” slot belongs to the casino. So, if the ball lands there, the casino wins. American casinos added one more slot while adapting the game: “00”. Thus, they increased their chances of winning. This distinction still continues today: there are two categories of the game, namely European (UK) and the American. The casino edge is 2.7% for the European version and 5.26% for the American. Needless to say, you should always prefer the European Roulette (sometimes known as the online free roulette UK) for this reason. Like other casino games, roulette can also be played online. Moreover, free or real money play option is offered. was founded for this reason. We offer you every variant of the roulette which you can play for free. Also, we have a list of online casino reviews. Select the most reliable casino from our website and start playing for real money.

Rules and Bets of the Online Roulette

Your goal is simple: Try to predict where the ball will land and place money into the appropriate section beforehand. Speaking of sections, they are numerous: The game offers a lot of betting options and roulette systems. In general, you can bet on a single number, a range of numbers, colors and whether the outcome will be an odd or even number. Types of bets vary according to the version you play, the American version offers more options. You need to place your bets before the croupier starts to turn the wheel. As a general rule, no bets are accepted once the wheel starts spinning. (There are exceptions to this rule, too.)

Here is the most important question: Which bets should you choose? Do they differ in terms of probability and payout? The short answer is yes: Roulette is a game based on luck, but the probability of betting options differ from each other. For the same reason, their payouts are also different. There is no fixed payment table in this game. When you win, the money you place is multiplied by a certain number. For example, if the payout ratio is 2:1, you will earn $ 200 if you invested $ 100. The lower the probability, the higher the payout rates. The minimum and maximum bet amounts you can place are different for each table. In some, you can play only for $ 1. But you may be asked to deposit hundreds of dollars on some tables, too. Particularly in Live Roulette games, entry and highest bet limits can change very quickly.

You can refer to our detailed articles and tutorials to see the full payout ratios and probability of each betting option. For now, we can suggest to stay away from straight bets and focus on simple ones, like red/black and odd/even. Their payout ratio is less, but they are much likely to happen. Also, do not believe every “system” you read on the internet. There are very few roulette tactics that actually work, most of them will just harm your wallet. You can get more detailed information on our pages that we evaluate tactics and strategies.

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Interesting Facts about Roulette

  • There is another variant of the game called the “La Partage”. You cannot find this variant in most of the casinos. It is played only in France and the rules hugely favor the player. The casino edge in this variant is only %1.35.
  • The worst bet you can place is called the “Five”. This bet is only available in American roulette. You deposit money into three sections: 1, 3, and 00. Five bet gives the casino an edge over %7.89.
  • James Bond loves to play roulette. (He is also a professional baccarat player.) Mr. Bond only bets on red 17.
  • Roulette could be the choice of aristocrats in the past, but nowadays it is the choice of women. Statistics show that %47 of roulette players are female.
  • If you somehow find an “Eagle Table”, you can sell it for millions of dollars. Before the “00” section, Vegas tables contained an “eagle” section. The size of this slot was huge and the ball landed there much often for this reason. Players started to stay away from Eagle tables and the casinos quickly “invented” the 00 slot. Today, they are extremely rare and valuable.
  • Do you know what a “fret” is? It is the name of the small wooden walls that separate the slots on the wheel. Before the 20th century, frets were made by hand and contained production errors. Because of these errors, it was possible to predict where the ball will land if you have a nice vision and a lot of experience. A man named Joseph Jagger did exactly this and “broke the bank” in Monte Carlo Casino in 1872. (Breaking the bank means that the casino goes bankrupt in one night.) 18 years after, Charles Deville did the same thing. Since then, the wheels are fabricated and do not contain any errors.
  • Roulette balls are made of ivory. “Cheap” casinos prefer plastic balls.
  • The last successful “cheating” in roulette happened in 2004. A group of players developed a specific mobile app and a hidden laser scanner. They scanned the wheel in secret, sent the information to a computer by using their mobile phones and correctly predicted where the ball will land. They won millions of dollars in one night. The fun part was, they got caught in the end but the laws were unclear so they kept their winnings. (Do not try this now, the laws have changed.)
  • Ever heard of the “Californian Roulette”? This variant is played with poker cards, instead of chips.

Play Free Roulette Online, Win Real Money!

Rules and bet types of free roulette do not differ in online versions. Online roulette wheel, for example, is still the same and contains the same sections. You can still win real money, too. In fact, this is easier in online games. Nothing distracts you while playing online games. You will focus more easily on the game. It is also possible to take notes if necessary. This is an important advantage because following the statistics is important to raise your winning odds. No download is needed to play online games. Nearly all of them support the instant play feature. You can start playing free roulette and winning in mere seconds, wherever you are. It is possible to use all kinds of portable devices to play. You decide the time and the place.

One of the biggest advantages of online roulette games is the “bonus” feature. As you will see in our reviews, most of the online casinos offer special bonuses to roulette players. These bonuses help you through your gambling journey: Some of them will deposit free money into your account, and some of them will give you thousands of dollars for winning a specific bet.

The Best Online Roulette Source on the Internet is founded and managed by a team that loves roulette. Even if we like all casino games, free roulette has a different significance for us. We know all variants of this game, and we played in online casinos long enough, too. We have set up this website to share our decades-long experience and to guide you. In our reviews, we will talk about not only the online casino itself but also the special promotions for the roulette game. You will be able to find hundreds of free roulette games and online casino reviews on our website, too. None of them will require a deposit, so you can practice as long as you want. We are grateful that you joined us on this journey: You can find everything you want to know about roulette on our website.