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This game may be interesting for every newbie in the Roulette gaming field, or for experienced gamers who like classic and simplicity. The “20p Roulette online”, developed by Inspired Gaming provider, can entertain both.

20p Roulette is a pretty standard roulette machine with an arrangement of the European Roulette. It was made in 2015, so we can consider it as an old but enjoyable game. With a Europian layout, this roulette will be easy to understand for every UK player. Despite everything, this roulette has a few tricks that will capture your attention.

Do you want to play 20p roulette for free or with real money? Read this brief 20p roulette review to learn the game’s rules! Understanding the game’s features is the key to success in the game!

Betting and Specialties

The main feature of 20p roulette roulette is the ability to use a minimum bet of 20 pence. It has only one Zero, and a total of 37 potential outcomes offer a bunch of options to place your bets. Standard UK roulette options are available; you can place your bets on:

The Type of Bet Minimum Stake Casino Pays
Single Numbers 20p 35/1
Pair of Numbers 20p 17/1
Three Numbers 20p 11/1
Four Numbers 20p 8/1
Six Numbers 20p 5/1
Columns £1 2/1
Dozens £1 2/1
Red/Black £1 Even
Even/Odd £1 Even
1 to 18 / 19 to 36 £1 Even

The maximum Roulette win possible is £ 1,500 per one spin.

The spinning of the wheel is initiated by the ‘Bet’ button, which becomes clickable after placing a valid bet. In other words, there are no major differences to a standard European Roulette game, except for the visual appearance.

Betting and playing are also quick and easy since there are no sophisticated animations, sounds or other visually-advanced notifications. Another exciting feature of this 20p Roulette is the option to have the 10 previous results of the wheel spin displayed right above the table.

If you have no time, there is a special option to play in ‘Turbo Mode’ which is activated by a Turbo Spin button. It automatically shows the results by skipping the rotation of the wheel. Last but not least, you can see the history of your gameplay through a small icon in the settings menu. This option displays beneficial information like the stakes, the total wins and the results.

A Special Layout

20p Roulette LayoutIf you are feeling lucky, you may try to switch the screen and bet simultaneously on the ‘Neighbours Field’. These fields, or tables, are easily accessible from two large buttons, respectively “Neighbour Bets” and “Return to Bet Table”.

So what is the meaning of the adjacent table? This table layout doubles the roulette wheel. You can bet on some number at this table, and your bet will be divided equally between adjacent numbers.

For example, if you make a bet of 1 pound on “9” from the table of neighbors, you will receive a set of 20p bets on “9, 14, 18, 22, 31” from the main table.

How to Win at 20p Roulette Machine?

Playing a 20p roulette game is not different than playing any other roulette variant. The main feature of this game is that the minimum stake is extremely low. This does not change the rules of the game, the chances of winning, and betting options. In other words, if you’ve played roulette before, you’re ready to play 20p roulette too. If you haven’t, let’s start by stating that the betting options fall into two categories, inside and outside.

  • Inside Bets: This means betting on a single number or a short number range (up to 4 numbers). Inside bets are straight, split, street, six-line, and corner. Depending on the variant, you can see a couple of extra betting options, such as basket bets.
  • Outside Bets: This means betting on a long number range (up to 17 numbers) or the colours (red or black). Betting on whether the outcome will be an odd or even number is also an outside bet. These bets are red/black, odd/even, low/high, dozen, and column.

Tips and Cheats for 20p Roulette

Unfortunately, using cheats and tricks to play 20pence roulette is not possible. The RNG system is perfect. But we have prepared some tips that will help the player win both in the free version of the game and in the game for money in a casino.

We recommend the following tips and tricks for 20p roulette:

  • To get started, use the free demo version of the game. It saves you money.
  • Carefully learn betting odds. Correct bet – the way to victory in any roulette game.
  • Use strategies. In the initial stages of the game, they are very appropriate.
  • Outside bets offer the highest winning chance. To give you an idea, the chance to win a red/black bet is 48.60%. However, a straight bet (which means betting on a single number) has a winning chance of 2.7% only. Yes, outside bets pay less, but you have a much better chance of winning them.
  • Do not use progressive betting strategies (such as Martingale) unless you have the budget to cover your losses until you win. These strategies increase the wager amount very fast, and they are not suitable for low-rollers.

Try a Free Demo 20p Roulette Game

With a simple set of rules and a minimalist design, free 20p roulette will definitely be a great place to start your roulette machine game journey. Each British player can try it in a demo mode to study the gameplay, and then get an honest win for real money.


⭐ What is the maximum and minimum bet in this type of roulette?

The minimum bet is 20p for straight bets, and the highest wager is £10,000 for evens. You cannot bet £10,000 for straight wagers, as the maximum is only £1. The £10,000 maximum wager applies only to columns, dozens, and even bets.

⭐ Сan I use cheats in the 20p roulette game in online casino?

No, you cannot use cheats in the game, it is operated by a machine that uses a random number generator, and there is no way to cheat.

⭐ Which casino is better for players to play 20p roulette?

The best casino is William Hill. It is also a safe UK casino that is duly regulated as it is licensed by three commissions: UKGC, MGA, DGA.

⭐ What is the house edge of 20p roulette","acceptedAnswer

The house edge of this roulette is 2.7%. This is because it uses the standard European roulette table and rules. The game has 37 potential outcomes of the spin, and you can enjoy playing with only £0.2 ( or £1 for some types of bets). There’s also a Turbo Spin feature in the game.

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