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20p Roulette is a pretty standard roulette with one green field (0) and arrangement very similar to the European Roulette. A total of 37 potential outcomes offer a bunch of options to place your bets and if you really get lucky, you may try to switch the screen and bet simultaneously on the ‘Neighbours Field’. These fields, or tables, are easily accessible from two giant buttons, respectively ‘Neighbour Bets’ and ‘Return to Bet Table’. The spinning of the wheel is initiated by the ‘Bet’ button, which becomes clickable after placing a valid bet. In other words, there are no major differences to a standard European Roulette game, except for the visual appearance.

Betting and Specialties

Betting and playing are also quick and easy since there are no sophisticated animations, sounds or other visually-advanced notifications. Chip value varies from 0.20 p to ₤ 100 per chip and a total bet of minimum ₤ 1 is allowed. The bet types include just about everything from Split bets to Odds and Evens– just like a typical roulette game. The additional screen with the second table permits to place your bets on certain sections of the wheel, which are also known as ‘Neighbours’ bets. Another interesting feature of this 20p Roulette is the option to have the 10 previous results of the wheel spin displayed right above the table. If you feel really lucky, there is a special option to play in ‘Turbo Mode’ which is activated by a Turbo Spin button. It automatically shows the results by skipping the rotation of the wheel. Last but not least, you can see the history of your gameplay through a small icon in the settings menu. This option displays very useful information like the stakes, the total wins and the results.

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