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Bonus Roulette
Bonus Roulette
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Bonus Roulette
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Basic Rules of Bonus Roulette

A quick overview of the rules of Bonus Roulette would help you gamble more effectively and would aid you in devising a good strategy. The game follows a European roulette style, and there are different numbers from 1 to 36 on the wheel and zero as well.

You have inside bets on splits, corners, three digits, and six numbers. The outside bets can be placed on dozens, columns, red or black, low or high, and even or odd. There is an option of special bets for the players as well. These special bets would make the racetrack of called bits visible for you. Here is a table for the stakes, and payout rates for all the bets available in the game.

Inside bets Odds Max stake Outside bets Odds Max stake
Straight 35/1 25 Column 2/1 250
Split 17/1 50 Dozen 2/1 250
Trio 11/1 75 Red/black 1/1 500
Corner 8/1 100 Even/odd 1/1 500
Six 5/1 150 High/low 1/1 500

If you are able to pull off any of the straight, split or trio bet, you would be able to win a great payout. If you have placed a bet with maximum stakes that would also impact the number of your winnings in a positive way. All you need to do is put stakes carefully and go for the bets that can pay you the maximum amount in return.

Play the Bonus Roulette demo version on our site to learn all the rules.

How to Play in Bonus Roulette

As mentioned earlier, this game follows the rules of European roulette. The roulette wheel contains a house edge of 2.7%, and in order to put a great effort and win a decent payout against this house edge, you need a strong strategy. One of the tips for playing Bonus Roulette would be to bet on red or black, low or high, and even or odd bets. In this way, you would be able to double your bet when you lose, and you can reclaim the losses eventually resulting in winning the bet. If you are going for a bonus element, you have to bet against a 50% chance of losing the bet so spend your budget carefully.

Features and Bet Limits

There are different special features available in Bonus Roulette than can help you win a decent payout. There is a gambling Bonus option available after each win, and you can gamble the payouts for a 3x stake. There are various possibilities if you choose to go with the gamble features which we review as follows:

  1. You can lose half of your winning amount if you lose the gamble.
  2. If you choose x2 and win, you can multiply your winnings by 2x.
  3. If you choose x3 and win, you get to multiply your winning by 3x.
  4. You can also lose all of your winnings if you lose the gamble.

Apart from the gamble feature, you can also utilise the special bets mentioned above and win a decent amount if you are playing with real money. An interesting thing about this game is that you can play free Bonus Roulette.

The Bonus Roulette demo game gives you a chance to play Bonus Roulette online free and enjoy all the features. The only drawback of playing a free roulette game is that you cannot win real money in any way. For winning real money, you will have to bet with real money on any of the recommended casino sites.


Overall Bonus Roulette is quite a nice game. It has an RTP of 98.064%, and you would definitely enjoy the colourful screen and simple gameplay available in this slot. All the rules and regulations are easy to understand, and if you are a seasoned player, you won’t have any difficulty in understanding it right away. The newbies can also understand the gameplay utilising the freeplay roulette available on the top of this page.

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