European Roulette Tips

Roulette is a highly popular casino game which exists for over 200 years now. Even though the playstyle changed over the years, the concept was always the same – guess a field on which the ball is going to land. Originating from France, roulette began to spread all over the world in no time.

European Roulette Fundamentals

There are two different main types of roulette:

  • European
  • American

There are more than just two versions of games, and you can find them all at where the Double Balls or Immersive versions are available.

Since you are reading an article on European roulette tips, it means that you have already made your choice and checked the first step in increasing the winning odds. American roulette has the edge at around 5.5% while it is much lower for the European version – approximately 2.5%. The only reason is that the American has an additional field – double zero. Since each number field multiplies the stake by 36, having an extra one makes no sense if you are trying to increase the odds in your favour, but a lot of people prefer the double zero version. It is all a matter of preference.


A simple roulette table allows gamblers to place bets on six different sections:

  1. Numbers: 0-36
  2. Dozens: Horizontally & Vertically
  3. Colour: Red or Black
  4. Odd or Even
  5. Half: 1 – 18 or 19 – 36

The Layout

Numbers are divided into three sections:

  • Neighbours of zero. This section contains seventeen numbers nearest to number zero with 22 on the left side and 25 on the right side. It is the biggest section. Zero game is an inside mini section which has seven numbers, four on the left aspect of the green field, zero itself and two more on the right.
  • A third of the wheel. Black eight is diagonal across the zero. This section includes twelve numbers (1/3 of the wheel) around number eight.
  • Orphelin. The smallest part with just eight numbers included. It is located between the two previous ones, basically connecting them in a way. Players like to place bets on both 1/3 and orphelin as that bat is very similar to the neighbours of zero, just on the opposite side.

Why is this important? Because placing your chips randomly across the table might get you lucky, but using these three sections as an instant bet allows you to cover a huge chunk of the wheel with numbers being located one after another with no gaps in between.

European Roulette TipsTables usually have buttons which allow gamblers to place equally disposed amounts of chips across one section instantly. Use this, but it is recommended to choose a “favourite” number in the section where more chips are placed, with two neighbour numbers also increased. Zero, eight, seventeen, twenty and fourteen are the most common favourites in each section.

Placing bets on 50/50 areas might be fun to start with, but after a while, it becomes repetitive and boring for many people. “Section betting” allows anyone to make calculations, choose different favourites and adjust the stake and much more making it a lot more enjoyable than any other tactic.

How to Win a Roulette

First, let’s bust one myth – “You can increase your chances of winning and decrease the house edge”. One part of that is correct, and the other is completely false. There is no possible way of reducing the house edge part. If the edge is at 2.8% (standard for European roulette), it will remain the same no matter what kind of bets are placed.

On the other hand, some strategies might help you win more. It might take a lot of time, but it is worth it sometimes.

The Strategies

Some of the most modern tactics and schemes are:

  1. System 8
  2. Martingale’s Scheme
  3. Fibonacci Sequence
  4. D’Alembert’s Scheme

All of them are based on betting at 50% chance fields. Let’s take the Martingale strategy for example. The player using it is required to place a bet on either red or black (or any other 50/50 area) and start low. Each time the bet is lost, just double up the stake. So if you start at €/£ 1 and lose, the next one is €/£ 2 then €/£ 4, 8, 16, etc. You get the idea.

It is crucial to choose roulette tables that have a very high upper limit and be ready to go all the way up. Once the top is reached, you lost. It is exquisite because even when the bet is won, profit is at the minimum, but after a while, it might result in a good one. Since every roulette table in existence is limited it is by no means a 100% chance of beating the table.

All of the strategies are based on simple mathematic calculations and statistics. Keep in mind that the house’s edge remains the same, meaning that the chances of losing are always present and zero is your biggest enemy.

For more information on strategies and how to use them, visit where some of the already mentioned are explained in details. You can find other unique strategies on the website, and some of them are not mainly focused on winning but having the most fun.

Additional Tips & Tricks

First of all, always remember that Roulette is a casino game, with the purpose of entertaining people. It is just like watching a football game that you have placed the bet on – get entertained by the game itself and possibly make some money.

From mathematics perspective it does not matter if you bet high or low, the reward is always the same, as numbers always multiply the stake by x36, dozens by x3 and 50/50 by x2. The more you invest and risk, the more you can win. Never bet more than you are willing to lose, as it is crucial to feel comfortable with the wager without stressing about losing it.

The UK Bonuses for Newbies

If you are new to the whole roulette community, make sure to find ones that provide the free gameplay to get the feeling of how the machine works. This mode is especially popular among UK residents who prefer to first practice. After you have done that, look for casinos that offer the best starting bonuses such as:

  • No deposit bonus
  • Sign up bonus

Those two are very similar but sometimes defined in different ways at different casinos. They allow you to get free money at the beginning which can be used to buy chips and play online roulette, but you must first deposit real money. Always read terms of service section because each bonus has its rules regarding the withdrawal.

Matching and deposit bonuses are the next steps which become very important when you decide to deposit for the first time. By using them, you can double up the total deposit for the first few times.

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