Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a fast-paced variant of European Roulette. Evolution Gaming developed the game, and it has become a favourite of players in 2020 worldwide because of its features. It is one of those live roulette games in most UK casinos that you can play with a live person or against a computer.

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Lightning Roulette Defined

This live roulette variant is a type of European Roulette. It has 37 digits, from 1 to 36, and then a zero. A Lightning live roulette dealer drops the ball on the spinning wheel after all players have finished placing bets.

The rules are the same, but this one has lucky numbers that will let you win up to 500x your wager. What’s great about this live game is that there is a big board behind the live dealer, which makes it easier to see where the ball dropped.

The pays are essentially the same with just a minor difference for the straight-up bet, which we will discuss later. There is a non-live version of this roulette game, too.

Steps in Playing the Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette BetsYou have to be logged in to play. To start, choose a chip from the game grid and then click on the area where you want to place that bet. In the live version of the game, you have to wait until the betting time is over.  You can bet on several numbers per round.

In the computerized version, you simply have to click on the Spin button. The Lightning Roulette rules are similar to the European variant, but the pay here is only 29:1 for a straight bet. Since there are no added numbers in the game, the chance of winning is the same as the European variant.

In the live version, the dealer will drop the ball from his hand inside the spinning roulette wheel. Players from around the world have to wait until that ball finally stops. Once it does, the computer system will automatically determine if you’ve won.

If you did, the prize would be credited to your casino balance. If not, you need to wait until betting resumes. There are many types of bets in this game. If you want the simplest type of bet, you can place a chip inside a particular number that you have chosen. This is called a straight bet.

Odds On Lightning Roulette


1-18 / 19-36 1/1
Even / Odd 1/1
Red / Black 1/1
1st 12 2/1
2nd 12 2/1
3rd 12  2/1
0-36 0/1

How to Win Money in Lightning Roulette?

Since the game layout is the same as in the European variant, winning is just about the same. The prize you win has a dependency on the type of bet that you wagered. In the base game, you will win 29:1 if you wagered on a certain number, and the ball landed on it. If you wagered £10 on the number 29, and the ball landed on that, your prize is 29 x £10 = £290.

Winning in Lightning Roulette is much more exciting because of the lucky numbers incorporated in the game. These are “single” numbers that light up on the screen that pay anywhere between 50x and 500x your wager.

If the lucky number that lights up on the screen is your chosen number, you win that prize. Let us say you wagered £10 on number 11, and this lights up with 50x, your prize is 50 x £10 = £500.

Lightning Roulette Strategy


The best strategy for Lightning Roulette is to have a dual bet or to bet one unit on a straight bet, and then two units on an odd/even bet. This should give you a lot of spins for more chances to win.

For example, if you wager £1 on the number 7, make sure you wager £2 on the red or the black bet.

With this strategy, you are risking only £1 on the straight bet where your odds of winning is 1:37. On the other hand, your bet for the red/black is £2, but your odds of winning is 48.65%.

Take a look at these:

  • If you win on the even bet, your prize is £2, and then you lose on the straight bet.
  • If you win on the even bet and the straight bet, your prizes are £2 + £29.
  • If you win both, plus the multiplier (say, 50x), your prizes are £2 + £29 + £50.

Since you have a wager for the single-digit or the straight bet, you also have a chance to win a multiplier if your chosen number comes up on the screen. If you lose on both bets, you just lost £3.

Special Features of Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette OddsThe only special feature of the Lightning Roulette is the multiplier. There are five numbers that will be selected. These numbers are different from where the ball is going to land. It is possible that they are the same. It depends on the UK casinos operating them.

These lucky numbers will pay between 50x and 500x. If you have a bet on any of these numbers, your bet will be multiplied with the random multipliers. You can use your welcome bonus, or some special roulette bonuses offered in the casino.

Lightning Roulette for Mobile

You can play the Lightning Roulette live game on your mobile device, provided that the casino allows it. The computerized version is more accessible as it still falls in the category of mobile games. You can use your phone or tablet if you do not want to play on a desktop.

How Do You Play with Real Money?

To play with real cash, you have to register at a casino that offers this game from Evolution Gaming. Make a deposit or claim your bonus, and then launch the game from the lobby to start betting.

Frequently asked questions for Lightning Roulette

⭐How does live dealer Lightning Roulette work?

The live dealer operates the game from a studio. All the materials are real, along with the pocket wheel, but are electronically connected to computer servers.

⭐Can I play Lightning Roulette for free?

No, you cannot play it for free. You either have to deposit or have bonus funds to be able to play.

⭐Can I use the welcome casino bonus for playing Lightning Roulette?

Yes, you can if the casino allows you. Most casinos do not allow bonus funds to be used in live dealer games. Your alternative is to play on the computerized version of the Lightning Roulette. If you are a VIP, maybe you will get a special deal

⭐Do I have to pay taxes on my Lightning Roulette winnings?

It depends on your country. Many countries do not tax cash from gambling as these winnings are not recorded.

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