Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette

Not every novice UK player feels ready to start his big gambling journey with complicated kinds of Roulette. It has a sense because it is not easy to find out instantly which combination will be suitable in each specific case. That is why many online casinos offer such people to master Mini Roulette first and only after that try something else for real money. By the way, experienced gamblers also do not shy away from it and enjoy this compelling game at their free time.

Mini Roulette was invented by popular gaming provider Playtech (which is probably one of the best in the industry) and has acquired fame among a wide range of UK casino lovers since then. Initially, it has been conceived as a simplified version of Classic European Roulette, but later Mini American with double zero section and French Roulette also appeared. These games are available in the majority of both land- and web-based casinos.

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Why is It so Simple?

There is only one dozen numbers + zero on the wheel and the table while the main concept of the game stays the same. Thus, the winning chances become three times higher than in the Classic version. The player is now dealing with only a few possible types of bets instead of a wide variety of them. This option allows you to get the gist of the game quickly and makes it perfect for the newcomers.

For French and American variants rules are slightly different: the first one envisages additional bets and specific conditions for zero, the second provides double zero chambers.

Another difference lies in the fact that when zero becomes a winning combination, only half of an unsuccessful stake will be lost. Another half of it will be returned to the player. In the Classic Roulette, all the money placed on the other numbers apart from zero go to the casino.

The shortcoming of this game is only one: the odds are usually lower in comparison. For instance, if a bet on a specific number proved to be winning, the amount of money is based on the ratio 11 to 1. The same thing happens with the other types of bets which we are going to review right now.

The greatest advantage is also that this game works much faster than Classic. The simplified construction makes the game the quickest among the roulette games.

Types of Bets in Mini Roulette

Here you can place both traditional inside (on the particular number, two adjacent numbers, three in a row, etc.) and outside bets (odd and even, red and black) with only modest changes connected with fewer numbers. Apart from them, the player discovers special types inherent to this game:

  • A bet on numbers from 1 to 6;
  • From 4 to 9;
  • From 7 to 12
  • On a set of numbers in a row (for example 3, 6, 9, and 12).

Where and How Can I Play Online Mini Roulette?

Lots of people prefer to play online instead of visiting a land-based casino. And it is not surprising because many well-established gambling websites have gathered almost all kinds of entertainment in one place: you can familiarise yourself with virtual and live poker, sports betting, slot machines and the most well-known table games such as the roulette is. Online casinos are famous for their integral feature – a welcome bonus for every newly arrived UK player. The characteristics of promotions vary from one resource to another, though.

The next pleasant thing about online casinos is the opportunity to play games including Mini Roulette for real money with “no download” option. More and more websites begin offering instant play feature or developing the mobile version of the casino. All that you need to do is to make a deposit using your electronic wallet or credit card and enjoy a good time from any point on earth.

Pay attention to the list of prohibited countries while choosing a website. Some of the casinos deny access for the USA, UK or the other states’ citizens. Most of the third-world countries are constantly added to this list by the reputable casinos but the presence of European countries there is different for every resource.

Primarily, Mini Roulette is a game of chance, so novice player can easily win by placing bet randomly on any section on the table especially given the fewer numbers of the wheel and higher winning opportunities as a result. The gambler can easily win money back in much more rapid terms. However, there are some strategies on the web that may be useful to study. So if you are really serious about mastering Mini Roulette, it is highly recommended to learn them all and use in the game.

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