Premium Roulette European

Premium Roulette European
Premium Roulette European
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About Premium European Roulette

Premium Roulette EuropeanThe Premium European Roulette game comes from the developing company known as Playtech. This particular online roulette represents one of four from the Playtech’s Premium series, which includes American, French, and Premium Roulette Pro.

To play Premium European Roulette, you don’t have to be some kind of a pro player, while the game follows the standard European rules applied on a single-zero table, which is favourable for the majority of players, while with one zero, the house edge percentage is lower, compared to double-zero versions. The Premium European Roulette free online game comes with an RTP percentage of 97.30%. 

The game includes superb, life-like graphics, so realistic, that you will have that feeling like sitting at an actual Roulette table! Four corners of the screen contain all needed controls and info, such as your history table, while the “Spin” button is located at the bottom, centrally. So, the overall first impression when it comes to graphic elements is excellent!

Premium European Roulette Rules

Premium European Roulette online free game pretty much follows the standard European Roulette rules. For starters, this means that you get to play your game across a wheel with only one green zero field and 36 fields marked with numbers.

To play Premium European Roulette in a proper manner, you would first need to get familiar with types of bets you can place. In this version of online Roulette, there are two major groups of bets you can go for inside bets and outside bets, each of them containing several bet types. 

Inside Bets

Premium European Roulette inside bets include the following:

  • Straight-Up (single number) bet, where you place your chips on a single number field, including zero. Chances of winning are 35:1.
  • Split (two numbers) bet, where you place your chips on the line between two adjoining numbers you want to go for. Chances of winning are 17:1.
  • Street (three numbers) bet, where you place your coins over the line at the end of the desired three-number row. The payout ratio is 11:1.
  • Corner (four numbers) bet, where you place your chips on the cross-section between four fields (numbers) you want to bet on. The payout ratio is 8:1.
  • Line (six numbers) bet, where you place your chips at the end of the border between two chosen rows. The payout ratio is 5:1.

Outside Bets

You can also choose to play Premium European Roulette using outside bets and their payout rates:

  • Column bet, where you place your chips at the end of the desired column, in the field mark with “2:1”, which refers to the payout ratios of the Column bet.
  • Dozen bet, where you place your chips on one of three fields: 1st, 2nd or 3rd twelves, depending on which twelve numbers (“Dozen”) you want to bet on.
  • Colour bet, where you place your chips either on the red diamond or on the black diamond field, betting on all red or all black numbers respectively.
  • Even/Odd bet, where you place your chips on one of two fields: “Even” and “Odd”, depending on which type of numbers you want to bet on.
  • Low/High bet, where you place your chips either on the “1 to 18” field, covering low numbers, or the “19 to 36” field, betting on high numbers.

How to Play Premium European Roulette?

After getting familiar with bet types and basic rules, it is time to access the game. You can access the demo version, enjoying this free-play Roulette game on our site. Premium European Roulette demo game requires no download or registration.

Playing for real money, on the other hand, will require you to register, as well as to land the first deposit to the online casino. While doing so, be sure to pick up some of the welcome promotions offered by your chosen casino operator.


Playing Premium European Roulette is a pretty simple process. First, you need to choose the size of your stake. You can do so by clicking on one of seven different chips (values). After selecting one of them, you will click on the desired field on the table, in order to place the chip on it. When you are finished placing a bet, click on the “Spin” button to set the wheel in motion.

You can also change the colour of the table or hoe the ball spins on the wheel in this freeplay roulette.

Premium European Roulette Bet Range

The players of the Premium European Roulette game by Playtech can place stakes between 0.50 credits and 5,000 credits. However, bet limits depend on the type of the bet as well:

Bet Type Bet Range
Inside bets Straight-Up 0.50 – 50
Split 0.50 – 100
Street 0.50 – 150
Corner 0.50 – 200
Line 0.50 – 300
Outside bets Column 2 – 300
Dozen 2- 300
Colour 5 – 300
1 to 18/19 to 36 5 – 300
Low/High 5 – 300


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