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European Progressive Roulette by iSoftbet is the same as you would witness in any other progressive roulette game in Europe in the casino. In order to get a win, you have to predict the winning number in the game. You would be able to witness a wheel and numbers on a table, ranging from 0 to 36 on the screen. All of these numbers are available in three different colours: red, green, and black.

Before getting a chance to win in the game by rolling the ball, you have to set your stake in the game by providing a particular coin value you want to spend. The value has to be placed on a number of your choosing.

The moment you click a coin chip would be placed on the selected number, and you can keep clicking until you reach the maximum bet limit. Once the playing bet has been placed, you have to click the “spin” option to roll the ball, and after a while, it would stop on a number and colour. If it is your selected number and colour, you will get a payout; otherwise, you would have to try your luck again.

You can test your skills with the freeplay roulette on our site!

How to Play the Progressive Roulette

Progressive European RouletteEuropean Progressive Roulette doesn’t contain any paylines, and as a player, your hopes are with the bonus bets to get opportunities to win a good payout rate in the gameplay. You need to set a bet on a particular number or set of numbers and land the ball on it to win every time.

As this game is based on the European layout, the rules and payout rates are pretty same as in other European roulette games.

The gameplay in this progressive online roulette is really simple, as mentioned above. You just need to set the coin value, the bet value, and start rolling the ball on the wheel.

It is also possible to play free progressive roulette. It is basically a progressive roulette demo game, and you won’t feel anything missing in the demo version, apart from the chance to win real money.

Features and Bet Limits

The European Progressive Roulette is filled with special features and bonuses. You can place side bets in the game to increase your payout. You can enjoy inside bets, group bets, and outside bets in a few of these side bets too. The inside bets include betting on:

  • A split
  • A street
  • A corner bet
  • Six-line
  • Straight bet
  • Top-line bet

Each one of these bets provides you with a different payout based upon the bets and the respective ratio.

The highest paying bet in this game is the straight bet that provides 35:1 payout.

There are outside bets also available for the players. You can make outside bets on column, dozen, red, black, odd, even, first half, and second half. The payout is lower as compared to the inside bets. The maximum payout in outside bets is 2:1 for the column bets and 1:1 for the second half bet.

The group bet helps you bet on neighbouring numbers, orphans, thirds, and finals. These bets also bring a payout of 35:1 and help you get a decent win every time you get to pull one-off. The corner wagers can help you win 8:1, and the row wagers can help you get a payout of 11:1.

Jackpot Win

The most valuable stake in the game is a straight bet. The straight bet is known as the best bet in the game, and you will get a payout of 35:1 if you are able to pull this off.

Moreover, a number of consecutive straight bet wins will open a jackpot prize!

  • Two wins will grant you with 15 coins;
  • Three wins will grant you with 200 coins;
  • Four wins will grant you with 3,000 coins;
  • Five wins will give you a chance to grab a progressive jackpot!

Betting Limits Review

Coming towards the bet size, you have chips starting from a 0.10-credit as a minimum one to 10-credit as a maximum. The denominations include 0.50, 1, and 5 credits. You can pick a bet size of your choice with the help of these smaller chips, and every bet has a different limit. For example, you can bet a maximum of 40 credits on corner wagers and 30 credits on the row wager.

Closing Word

Overall it is a really interesting roulette slot, and you would definitely enjoy the gameplay and the payouts. It has a really generous RTP of 97.06%, and there are jackpot bonuses available in the game as well.

The Progressive Roulette online free game option on our site gives you a chance to practice without spending real money beforehand, so you know the gameplay and features better before putting in your money. You should try this slot and choose a site that provides you with various promotions or bonuses to play it.

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