Roulette for Real Money

Roulette real money was not a game when it came out about 300 years ago: It was the result of a scientific project of making a perpetual motion machine. That perpetual motion machine could never be finished, but an anonym entrepreneur discovered that this machine could become an excellent casino game. The famous Monte Carlo Casino introduced the roulette games to Europe and marketed it as “the choice of the aristocrats”. There was only one “0” digit on the roulette wheel in this period, nowadays we call this version as the “European Roulette”. When the game was introduced in America, casino owners decided to add the “00” digit on the wheel. In this way, the variant known as “American Roulette” appeared. Today, this distinction is still going on, and if you are planning to play online roulette game with real money, you should prefer the European variant. Because in this version, your chances of winning are much higher. Let’s explain by numbers: In the American version, the casino edge is 5.26%. In the European Roulette, this figure is down to 2.32%.

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Likewise, it is possible to increase your winning odds by betting on the right options. Roulette real money is a game with lots of betting options, and each option has a different RTP rate. While you are more likely to win in some bets, the possibility of losing is very high in some. It is important that every gambler who likes making money by playing online roulette for real money must know all these details. In this article, we will talk about the tricks of real money roulette gaming, and we will point out what you need to look out for. When you finish reading, you will be able to play roulette online for real money much more consciously and have information about what to avoid when making bets.

Play Online Real Money Roulette

The first thing you need to know is that you should prefer best online roulette game real money. There is no difference between online games and physical games in terms of the chance of winning. As a matter of fact, they do not differ in terms of rules too. However, online games are easier to follow, and you can see useful statistics in real time. As we will explain below, most roulette strategies require you to take notes. Therefore, we recommend you to play roulette online for real money.

As you can see, the number of betting options is quite high. To place any of these bets, you can use the sections on the roulette table. Putting your coins on the relevant section will be enough for you to place a bet. Each coin has a different monetary value. The minimum and maximum bet values of each roulette table are also different. Before starting to play real money roulette on your iPhone, you need to learn about all of this features. Online games are faster than physical games and are easier to follow. The wheel clearly shows the result of the spin and since it is digitally controlled, there is no room for human error. After a round is over, you can start a new game with the same betting options, or place completely different bets.

Make Money by Playing Roulette

As mentioned above, some of the betting options are more advantageous than others. Each bet type awards a different payout because their probabilities are different from each other. If we show this data in a table:

If you place 100 EUR for example, you will only win another 100 EUR: The payout matches the bet you placed. Almost all of the real money roulette strategies are shaped around these 4 betting options. Other bet types cannot be the subject of calculations since their probabilities are ridiculously high. Therefore, it is not possible to create a tactic for them. It is also the reason why both beginners and professional players prefer these 4 betting options. There are additional bet types in American roulette, but we do not recommend this variant anyway.

By using a pen and paper, you can follow the bets you have placed and have an idea of when to raise and when to fold. Online roulette is more advantageous in terms of statistics, for the reasons we mentioned above. Almost every game interface has a separate screen where you can follow the results of previous rounds. Let’s list the things you need to be aware of:

  • Always prefer European Roulette. (French rules are better.)
  • Make sure to check the pay table beforehand. The table above is almost standard, but always be sure of the rules follow these standards.
  • Do not place high bets other than the 4 option mentioned above.
  • Practice abundantly. Online roulette game has free playable versions. These versions have “no download” feature, so you do not need to install them on your computer. You can start playing in mere seconds. Practicing will provide mastery.
  • There is no bonus or jackpot payout in the roulette game. All bets and the payout tables contain standard values. However, because the betting levels differ, each game has a different cost of play.
  • Trying to make money by playing real money roulette is not an easy job. You will lose – get used to this idea. You have to be patient, make an effort and have a certain level of knowledge to make money. It is not possible to become rich by playing only a few games.
  • Find a reputable and trustable online casino to play. Check our online casino reviews section to do so. Our reviews are specific to roulette and special bonuses offered for this game.
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