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Spingo game is a complete package, and it comes with its unique features. There are different types of bets and payouts that you would be able to enjoy in this online roulette-inspired game. You can also enjoy a Spingo freeplay roulette, and you can also play it for real money. Let’s have a look at what this game brings for you.

Basic Rules of Spingo

Spingo Roulette GameSpingo follows the basic principles of a European roulette game. You have to start with placing the bets on a number of spots and hope that the ball lands on one of your choices. You can also bet on different colours as well, and once the ball starts rolling on the spinning wheel, it really depends on your luck whether you get a payout or not. You should have a look at the house edge of the game before starting to spin the reels.

You would be able to enjoy around seven different types of bets in this game. All of these bets have their own payouts, and you have to bet according to your budget. For example, when it comes to Green bet, you can get a payout of 24:1, while on the Zero to bet you will get a payout of 20:1. If you want to know more about the bets, features, and payout rates, stay with us.

Even if you are not a seasoned player, and you don’t want to spend right away, the game brings an amazing option for you. You can start with Spingo demo game on our site that helps you play Spingo online free. You can experience all the features and enjoy the gameplay without paying anything. The only thing missing in the free game is payouts are not in the form of real money.

How to Play in Spingo Game

It is extremely easy to play for any player who has played roulettes games before. The rules are simple, and the gameplay is really interesting. In addition to this, the screen is really colourful, and you would really love the overall environment created on the screen. For real money, try to choose casino sites that provide bonuses and promotions along with this game. In this way, you would have an advantage while starting the game. Read all the rules and regulations before rolling the ball and keep in mind a certain budget to limit your loss on a bad day.

Features and Bet Limits Review

There are different platforms providing Spingo online, and some of them offer you various special features to enjoy as well. These features might include playing the roulette with a particular money amount provided by the casino or some added bonuses. The game itself contains multiple types of bets, and you would be able to try your luck in different ways for winning a decent payout. Let’s have a look at all types of bets available in this game:

Green Bet This bet can be placed on the green tab on the wheel, and it provides a payout of 24:1.
Red/Blue/Yellow Be The bet can be placed on three different colours, and you would find 10 numbers in every colour on the wheel. This bet gives you a payout of 3:1.
Zero Bet The zero bet is one of the most prominent features in every roulette. If you are able to win the zero bet in this game, you will get a payout of 20:1.
Number Bets There are 30 numbers in three different colours in this game, and you can bet on any one of them. Every bet on one of these numbers will give you a payout of 10:1.
Combination Bets This is one of the special bets in this title, and you won’t find many of the other similar games online. In this type of bet, you have to choose the number and colour on which the ball will land, and it gives you a payout of 32:1.
Odd/Even Bets You can place odd and even bets as in every roulette game. Every odd and even bet gives you a payout of 2:1.
High/Low Bets The high and low bets can be made on different numbers in each category. The low bets are made on 1 to 5, and the high bets are made on 6 to 10. The payout is 2:1 for these bets.


Overall, Spingo is an extremely interesting roulette game with the commonly found bets and a few special bets as well. You would definitely enjoy playing it. If you don’t want to spend money initially, you can take benefit of the demo version as well. It is suitable for both the beginners and seasoned players. With all its gameplay and bets, it is definitely worth trying the game for every roulette lover.

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