William Hill Roulette

William Hill Casino was established in 1998, which makes it one of the oldest online casinos in the world. Since its establishment, William Hill roulette has become one of the most popular games. It is owned and operated by WHG (International) Limited, a Gibraltar-based company. William Hill is licensed by multiple agencies, but its UK website operates with the UK Gambling Commission license. All games on the website are certified by GLI for RNG fairness, and at the time of writing this article, the RTP rate of table games was 97.91%, which is a very respectable figure. If you are a UK citizen who loves playing roulette games, you should definitely try William Hill UK. In this article, we will take a closer look at them all and tell you everything you need to know about William Hill online roulette games.

William Hill Casino Roulette Review

William Hill Roulette GamesThere are two sections for roulette games at the William Hill website. The first one is for the classic roulette games, which can be played against the “computer”. This is the main free roulette game section, and all of the games here can be launched as a roulette demo. In other words, you can play them entirely for free and without spending a single penny. Of course, it is possible to play them with real money too.

The second one is the live games section, which contains titles (such as 3D Roulette) that can be played against real dealers. This section does not include any roulette free games: They can only be played with real money.

In total, you get to play nearly 20 different variants of this game. The classic roulette section offers French, American, and European variants. You can also play exotic options such as Dragon Jackpot Roulette, Age of Gods Roulette, and, believe it or not, Superman Roulette (yes, that Superman). The table limits of this section are very low. There is even a Penny Roulette game that can be played with, well, a penny.

The live games section includes only French and European variants. There are only 4 live roulette games to play, and one of them is an exotic option: Quantum Roulette Live. This variant is developed by Playtech and offers bonus bets that pay 50x – 500x. We have launched all of these variants (regular and live) on mobile devices and did not experience any problems: William Hill roulette games work on mobile flawlessly. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular variants.

ROULETTE GAME Table Limits Neighbours Finales Splits Software Fast Play Auto Play RTP
Premium European Roulette £1 – £500 + + Playtech + + 97.30%
Spread-Bet Roulette £1 – £500 + + Playtech + + 97.30%
Penny Roulette £0.01 – £100 + + + Playtech 97.30%
Superman Roulette™ £0.10 – £10,000 + + + Playtech 97.21%
Premium American Roulette £1 – £1000 + + Playtech 94.74%
Age of the Gods Roulette £1 – £1000 + + + Playtech 95.73%
101 Roulette £1 – £1000 + + + 96,19
Premium Roulette Pro £1 – £1000 + Playtech 97.3%
Dragon Jackpot Roulette £1 – £10,000 + + + Playtech 96.02%
Frankie Dettori Jackpot Roulette £1 – £25,000 + + Playtech 95.72%
Diamond Bet Roulette £1 – £2000 + + + Playtech 94.737%
1000 Diamond Bet Roulette £0.10 – £10,000 + Playtech  89.20%
Premium French Roulette £1 – £1000 + + + Playtech 98.65%
Roulette Pro £1 – £1000 + + + Playtech 97.30%
French Roulette £1 – £1000 + + + Playtech 98.65%
3D Roulette £1 – £1000 + + Playtech 97.30%
Club Roulette £1 – £10,000 + + Playtech 97.20%.
NewAR Roulette £1 – £1000 + + + Playtech 94.6%
Multi Wheel Roulette £1 – £1000 + + + Playtech 94.737%
American Roulette £1 – £1000 + + + Playtech 94.74%
European Roulette Multiplayer £1 – £1400 + + + Playtech 97.30%
Mini Roulette £1 – £2000 + + + Playtech 96.15%
Classic Roulette £1 – £1000 + Playtech 97.30%
Roulette Deluxe £1 – £10,000 + + + Playtech 97.30%
European Roulette £0.10 – £2000 + + + Playtech 97.30%

William Hill Vegas Roulette

Note that there is more than one game that uses the “Vegas” term, but Vegas Speed Roulette is the most popular one. Developed by Evolution Gaming, this variant is really fast. It takes 25 seconds from spin to spin. When compared to Immersive Roulette, for example, players get to play 50 extra rounds per hour. Basically, it is the world’s fastest online roulette game at the moment.

There is one more variant that uses the “Vegas” name, and it is “Vegas 3D Roulette”. This an American game variant designed to run on mobile devices, and as the name implies, its graphics look quite good and realistic.

William Hill 20p Roulette

This one is actually the “Penny Roulette” variant we mentioned above. 20p Roulette is a regular game based on European rules and offers a 97.30% RTP rate. The minimum bet amount is really 1 penny, and it is probably the cheapest type you can find at online casino websites. However, being cheap does not mean being “bad”. On the contrary, this is a very fun game with satisfying payouts and, in fact, it is one of the best and most popular William Hill roulette machine games. The maximum bet amount is 20 pence, and even with a small budget, you can play for hours.

Live Roulette Games of William Hill

As mentioned above, there are only 4 games under this category. These are:

  • French Roulette: The French variant based on the “La Partage” ruleset. This means, for certain bet options, players get half of their initial wager back even if they lose. This variant has the lowest house edge, but it may be a little complex for beginners.
  • Live Roulette: The standard live European Roulette that can be played against a real dealer. If you are a beginner, start with this one.
  • AOG Roulette: This is short for “Age of Gods Roulette”. Age of Gods is a popular slot machine with lots of jackpot payouts, and this feature is available in this special variant too. AOG Roulette is based on European rules but offers bonus bets and jackpot payouts too.
  • Quantum Roulette: As explained above, this is actually a European type, but it is very fast. Each round takes 25 seconds only.

William Hill Mobile Roulette

There is no separate William Hill roulette app, but there is a William Hill casino app for Android that includes roulette games too. This application can be downloaded directly from the Play Store and includes all of the games we mentioned above. Unfortunately, there is no casino and/or roulette application for iOS. There is a William Hill app at the App Store, but it is for sports betting only. If you are an iOS user, you can simply use the mobile website of William Hill to play UK roulette games on your phone. The website works as well as the application. However, if you are an Android user, you should still prefer the app due to its push notifications.

Casino Promotions

William Hill Casino PromotionsAmong the three bonuses that the casino offers to the UK players, only one is suitable for playing roulette. This is a welcome bonus that the casino gives to new players after registration. Using it, you can increase your chances of winning playing different types of roulette games at William Hill Casino.

  • Welcome bonus – Buy in with £10 get £30 bonus

William Hill Roulette Machine Trigger Numbers: Is It Real Or Scam?

When you do a search for “roulette cheats”, William Hill trigger numbers come on top. Basically, there are websites and YouTube videos out there that claim it is possible to guess the winning number after “analyzing” the last 10 numbers. And if you are ready to pay a small fee, you can also learn this “secret of trigger numbers”. Yes, we know, it sounds too good to be true. And yes, it is not true – this is a scam. Please do not fall for this nonsense. The scam works like this:

  • The scammer invites you to a chat session, usually on Skype. When you join, they say that there is a William Hill roulette system that works, and they are ready to prove it.
  • For “proof”, they do two things: First, they show you a “live” gameplay video where they can correctly guess the winning number after every 10 spins. Second, they want you to play a specific game for free and send them the last 10 results. After that, they tell you what the winning number will be.
  • And if they manage to convince you, they ask for £500– £1000  (based on how smart you are) to send the “secrets and strategy of roulette trigger numbers”.
  • And if you are really that “smart” to send money to them, that’s the end of it: You will never hear from them again and, of course, the “roulette machine trigger numbers” don’t work. You have been scammed, congratulations.

So, how do they pull it? Well, the video they show is not live gameplay. It is quite easy to edit videos nowadays, so it is not that hard to pull that scam. But wait, they guessed what the winning number would be in your own gameplay, how did that happen? Without giving too many details, let’s say that there are games that have different RTP rates in demo and real money modes. The demo versions of these specific games (they are very rare) follow a certain payout sequence, instead of an RNG one. And in demo mode, you can make a guess about the winning numbers, if you know this sequence. But when you play the same game in real money mode, that sequence will be worthless. If you are looking for roulette machine tips, check below: We are giving some suggestions.

Can You Beat William Hill Roulette Machine Games?

You cannot “beat” any casino game, online roulette included. In the long run, the casino will always win. However, you can increase your winning odds by following some simple tips and tactics, such as:

  • Outside bets (low/high, red/black, odd/even) are your best option in terms of winning chances. Each of these bets has a probability of 48.60%.
  • You should always play the French or European variants. Stay away from the American variant: It has the highest house edge.
  • Use bonuses to your advantage: William Hill UK has lots of promotions, and you can easily create a starting budget for free.
  • Play free games to practice and learn every aspect of this game. Practice makes perfect, and you get to try all kinds of tactics without taking a financial risk.

In short, nobody can “guarantee” a winning in roulette, but you can be a smart gambler and avoid taking unnecessary risks & stay away from certain bets. Doing so will increase your winning frequency in the long run.

Advantages and disadvantages  for William Hill Roulette

Variety of roulette games Numerous country restrictions
License of UCGK No separate roulette app
Best software providers No no deposit bonus
Live chat open 24/7


Despite some disadvantages, William Hill casino remains one of the best places to play online roulette for UK players. A huge selection of games, various payments and banking methods,  licensed software, high casino safe – all this make William Hill one of the best roulette casinos.


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